Grow a Remedy- Create Your Own Home Remedies

You can create natural remedies that heal symptoms very quickly .  These remedies will help you become stronger and live a longer life.  The medicine that you will use to treat your ailments will have  no side effects .  Natural remedies will help you  save the money  that you spend on doctors’ fee and medicine.  You can buy the products used in these medicines or grow them in your backyard.  The cure will be a  permanent  one and the disease won’t return back once you stop using the medicine.

It is always good to seek professional help so that you will know the status of your health in relation to the disease.  However for instances wherein you cannot afford the treatment, you can always try  home remedy treatments   to give you chance of removing the disease at the same time using all natural products.

Natural remedies are prepared by the medicine that lies within a plant. Almost all plants, flowers, trees and herbs have some type of medicinal properties. The great thing is that most of the medicines made from these sources have no side effect if taken in appropriate manner. A lot of pharmacy medicines have a negative affect on your body. For example antibiotics are good for attacking the infection but they have different side affects like damaging the immune system and more dangerous side affects like blood disorder can also be caused by them. You can adjust the medicine dosage according to your requirements.

Its very easy for you to quickly and easily produce a variety of remedies from common ailments and also products to enhance your beauty. The whole process of getting relief involves just three steps: purchasing or growing the ingredients, creating the medicine, and taking it whenever required.

There are natural remedies for many different ailments such as: Colds and Flu, Anxiety/Panic attacks,   Irritable Bowel Syndrome, High Blood Pressure, Arthritis, High Cholesterol, Acne,   Migraines, Hot Flushes and Night Sweats, Athletes Foot, Infertility, Bad Breath and many more.

As mentioned, natural essentials oils are great for using in home remedies for dandruff.  Lavender and Rosemary are fantastic as are Neem oil and Tea Tree oil, which has fantastic anti-bacterial properties.  The neem oil will help fight off the yeast funguses that cause and aggravate dandruff.  These oils are often highly concentrated so only small amounts are required - it is recommended that all be patch tested first in case of any allergy or hypersensitivity that may result from their use.

The most common ingredients generally used in preparing these natural remedies at home include holy basil leaves, cardamom, cinnamon, fenugreek, onion, ginger, garlic, honey, pineapple, apple cider vinegar, turmeric, lemon, dandelion leaves, rose hip, horsetail, flaxseed, chamomile, olive oil, outer leaves of cabbage, green tea, cranberry juice, orange juice, spinach juice and carrot juice.  Gargling with saline solution (salt + water), having turmeric powder in milk, applying tea bags and drinking herbal teas like parsley tea and chamomile tea are some of the natural home remedies that have been in effect since ages.

Here is a list of some more of my favorites:

Juice of raw papaya is the  best treatment for pimples .  Apply   fresh juice of raw papaya on pimples and get a good result.

Lime juice is one of the most prevalent home remedies for common colds.  Drink a bit of this as soon as you feel cold symptoms coming on for best results.

Lemon juice is another best home remedy for stomach ulcer.  Just make fresh lemon juice and add little salt to it.  Consume this juice 2 times daily.  Lemon juice contains citric acid and mineral salts which will help in digestion along with ulcer.

Garlic juice is rich in sulfur, and is said to be helpful in getting rid of moles.  Cut a clove of garlic into half and place the cut portion of the garlic slice onto the mole.  Make a simple bandage around the garlic slice to keep it in close contact with your mole.  Leave it for overnight.  If you can leave the bandage for 24 hours, it will speed up the treatment.

Tomato juice has a lot of nutritional benefits to help you stop sweating.  Drink a glass of fresh, homemade tomato juice a day for one whole week.  Then watch how much progress you have made in your quest to fight excessive sweating problems after some days.  And if you drink it regularly, your skin will be more healthy and beauty.  It is said that tomato juice can also reduce the risk of heart disease and prevent cancer.

Make a juice with one cup of water, 3 tsp lime juice, ¼ tsp powdered black pepper and 1 tsp honey.  Having this every day helps with weight loss.

Beetroot juice has potential compounds that help in healing jaundice.  It is a good cleanser and contains antioxidants which treat liver.  In this way it is able to regulate levels of bilirubin which help in treating jaundice.  Simply juice beetroot and sip on it several times a day.  You can grate it into your salad or just munch on it as a snack.

Wheat grass  juice has been proven to be an excellent mouthwash for toothache problems.  It extracts toxins present in the gums and decreases bacterial growth.  These bacteria are associated with  gingivitis  ( gum disease ) and it is believed that wheat grass can restore enamel strength to normal.

Drinking cabbage juice or cabbage soup regularly is extremely beneficial in controlling obesity.  Apart from that fruits like carrot, pineapple, papaya and apple are very effective in weight loss.

Mix black pepper with ginger juice.  Have this formulation after the meals to  cure indigestion  problems.

For treating peptic ulcer spinach juice and carrot juice can be very much helpful.  Combine 200 ml spinach juice with 300ml carrot juice and drink it daily.  You can also mix 300 ml carrot juice with 100 ml beet and 100 ml cucumber juice and consume it daily.

Homemade Cough Syrup Recipe: half a teaspoon of fresh ginger juice mixed with one teaspoon of honey.  Try taking one teaspoon of the mixed syrup morning and night.  For children, use half the quantity.

Mix a small amount of alum (phitkari) in two teaspoons of lemon juice and apply on itching areas.  It is an effective home remedies for itchy skin.  Local application of coconut oil mixed with lemon juice mixed is useful in relieving general itching.  Another useful remedy is papaya seeds.  Mash papaya seeds and apply on the itchy areas.

To lighten age spots, rub lemon directly onto your skin.  Strawberry juice, cucumbers and avocados are also soothing to sunburned skin.  For tired eyes, place cucumber slices over your eyes.  For dark circles around your eyes, place cooled tea bags over your eyes.

Home remedies which can go a long way to get rid of eczema include, spearmint leaf juice, a mixture of camphor and sandalwood paste, sunbathing which kills bacteria known to cause the outbreak, mudpack and papaya seeds which are ideal for controlling the itchiness that accompanies the outbreak.  At this point it is imperative to note that these remedies have to be applied directly on the affected area for them to take effect immediately and deliver relief.

Tomato: used externally, is good for getting a good complexion.  You can make tomato lotion.  Take one tsp of tomato juice add a couple of drops of lime juice.  Apply on face and remove after 15 minutes.  It is very effective for shrinking enlarged pores.

Potatoes: Grated raw potato has been used a great deal to ease sore puffy eyelids and reduce under eye puffiness.  Either strain the juice from a grated potato and saturate cotton wool pads with it or lay the grated vegetable on the eye between layers of muslin.  Slices of raw potato or a compress of 1 tablespoon of crushed nasturtium seed added to 1 tablespoon of grated potato will soothe swollen eyelids and reduce swelling - this is a handy tip if you like to indulge in a good cry.  A few tears are good for the eyes but we are told that too many will weaken them.

Lemon has proved to be a great remedy for sciatica, too.  Even if it has a sour taste it has an alkaline reaction and that’s why it is recommended in rheumatic affections and in sciatica.  The regular consumption of lemon juice prevents the uric acid from depositing in tissues.

There are many more cures and treatments in this book grow your own remedies